Please read the following before you book your appointment with one of the lovely Provocateur Ladies;

Our bookings line is open 24 hours a day and you can call at any time but please be advised that many of the ladies finish up around 3am, if you wish to see a lady at an unusual time then please feel free to pre-book, this can save you a little disappointment.

We currently do not accept credit cards.

All the Provocateur Ladies donations are displayed on their profile page, these rates are set by the models themselves, please do not bid or try to knock these donation down refusal often leaves people upset.

Please shower (your morning shower does not count), be well groomed and have fresh breath.  

Please have donation already counted and placed in an unsealed envelope in plain sight prior to arrival. If you would like to extend time together and schedule allows it, please take care of the additional fee immediately. Please be respectful. Please be a gentlemen at all times. Treat our models with respect and you will be generously rewarded.

Models reserve the right to terminate the date if the aforementioned rules are not observed.

Please note! All new clients must be verified! It's simple!!!


Please provide us with your full namephone numberemail address and some information about your job such as: websitework emailwork phone numbercurrent position. Photo of your business card is a plus. You can send information to our email:

You MUST provide anything from the list: